About Me

Welcome to the website of a smiling chatterbox who loves teaching!  My name is Kimberly Long and I teach 7th grade English Language Arts in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Teaching young adults who are curious about the world around them, who crave independence yet still welcome support, and an age group that guarantees I will never have a boring day is only the tip of the iceberg of why I love my job!  While I turned the big 3-0 this year and edge closer to no longer being considered an early career teacher, it is my hope this blog provides an outlet for me to push myself as a teacher, writer, and virtual leader as ideas regarding education are virtually shared around the world.

My undergraduate degree in elementary teaching was from Illinois State University with a focus in middle school reading, language arts, and social studies.  1929912_559740144330_8969_nDuring my senior year, I was able to participate in the professional development program, PDS, a year-long student teaching placement.  I can’t imagine going into my first year of teaching without this wonderful, boot camp intense, preparatory experience.  Going into my fifth year of teaching, I got the itch to go back to school and attended Concordia University to receive my educational administration degree.  After an incredible year-long internship I know this is a path I want to pursue later in my career.  For now, I want to be the very best teacher I possibly can be and continue to grow as an educational leader.

I love learning.  I’m constantly seeking out new avenues to push myself as an educator.
Besides teaching, I enjoy being outdoors and being active.  If there is snow on the ground you know I’ll be snowboarding, if I’m traveling somewhere tropical you know I’ll be snorkeling or scuba diving.  Every opportunity to travel somewhere new I take advantage of; I love learning about new places and cultures!  I’m also a wannabe photographer, a foodie learning to cook, a technology geek, a lover of dance, a budding gardener, and a flutist in the community symphony orchestra.

 Saying my interests are diverse is an understatement!  My life is wonderful though because I have the amazing and unconditional love and support of my husband, family, and friends.  Don’t every forget to make family a priority, life is about sharing all those crazy moments with them and your friends.    Hopefully, this blog inspires you to try something new in your classroom and gives you the motivation to keep pushing through when stress and paperwork have you in over your head.  Find joy in what you do and the difference you make every day, whether you recognize it or not.

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